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Buggy website and execrable translations !

juganarubogdan Sat, 07/15/2017 - 16:31

Since you've loaded the new questions to the database, the quality of the VRs has decreased steeply!

Translations are just horrible, there are missing parts of text in the translation and the reasoning in the explanations often makes no sense, because there are words missing, which leads to faulty interpretations. 

You should have added enough new questions well in time, so they could be tested and corrected, also you should have uploaded more difficult ARs well in time, in preparation of the possibility that the tests would be more complex. Instead of adding them during the competition as people started reporting increasing difficulty. 

On top of this, the website blocks often when saving the results of the test, which results in either losing all or a part of the answers.

Unadmissable for a service that I've paid 108 EUR for! I would like to request at least a partial refund


I'm relieved to hear that, I

MaríaM Mon, 07/17/2017 - 15:47

I'm relieved to hear that, I was thinking I was becoming dumber. My scores in the website are suddenly low, and I'm running out of time because there are always several questions where things are either missing either ambigous. When I get to the explanation, nothing! in most of the cases, just the right answer is underscored. I've also encountered the saving problem. The language I'm working with is Spanish.