AST-3 Competition Application - Education Period Advise - I might have made a mistake... | EU Training

Hello everyone,

I am a bit paranoid at the moment and if you could share your insight or personal experience it would be greatly appreciated.

I have applied for the AST-3 competition and in the Education Section - where I list my degrees - I have put my Master's Degree period as 01.10.2016-30.06.2017 - however, on my actual diploma the graduation date (obtained my degree) is 05.12.2017 - the only reason I have put 30.06.2017 is that this was the date of the last exams at University - the rest of the time it was just waiting for my diploma and working on my dissertation. I just added the dates automatically without thinking twice, and now out of nowhere, I started to overthink and focus on that.

I know the Talent Screener will be verifying my passport and diploma (and maybe other documents) - and this period is the only thing I am really worried about, as everything else I am quite sure is alright. I also know that I sign a declaration saying that the information is correct (which in my mind it is - however I can understand how it can be seen by someone else).

I just wanted to know - is that grounds for my application to be suspended? I put a lot of work and hope into this and I also would like to learn going forward, if I am failed for something like that.

Thank you in advance for the time and help