Ask Me Anything | EU Exams | 22 May 2024

The EU exam freeze is finally melting and EPSO has announced the reopening of applications for (at least) two competitions. More reopenings and new competitions are planned for the coming months. Testing is expected to restart soon.

During this Q&A-style webcast, participants were welcome to ask any EU careers or exams related questions from the two presenters, Andras Baneth and Luc Gillis.


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Technical Information
 - Recorded: 22 May 2024
 - Length: appx 60 minutes

Who are the presenters?

Andras Baneth
 - EU Training co-founder
 - Europe's #1 expert on EU careers
 - Author of The Ultimate EU Test Book
 - Former EU Official

Luc Gillis
 - Former EU official in various capacities:
 - Over 20 years of experience with EPSO selection procedures
 - Integral part of EPSO's legal sector with focus on 'request for review' process 
 - Advisor to EPSO’s Selection Boards
 - Chair of Contract Staff selections