Answers to Situational Judgement Questions on EPSO Website? | EU Training

Does anybody have the answers to the situational judgement questions on the EPSO website (in the practice test section)?  I seem to be doing very well on the practice tests on this website and in other workbooks, but not as well as I would like on the one on the EPSO website.  Unforutunately, they only give you a total score at the end and don't specify the correct answers to each particular question. 

I spent several hours going

AnnaSylwia Thu, 03/23/2017 - 21:58

I spent several hours going over each question one by one.  I think that the EPSO situational judgement questiosn are genreally harder than in practice tests.  They require very careful reading of the passage.  You have to know what is important in the passage before you can make the selections.  Sometimes one word can make a huge different between the choices.  In the practice tests, the selections are easier and more intuitive.