Hello all, 

I would like to open a new thread dedicated to the issue of the proof of experience for the competitions in the object, a hot issue, given documents have to be uploaded by the end of the summer. If anyone has more info, insights or similar problems feel free to share those. Also I would like some clarification from Eutraining staff, if they are already familiar with the issue.

My questions are, for the migration competition

-I worked as an autonomous worker for some years -Bar trainee and later attorney- my field of practice also included migration, but not only that, it was just a part of it. The certificates delivered by the professional association do not mention my field of practice, and my former employer is unwilling to put in writing a letter or statement declaring how much did I do in migration, because even he does not remember it (plus sometimes I was working with other colleagues, who were not my employers). However, for a time (one year) of said experience I did follow a course on migration law, could that helps, perhaps?

-I did an internship in a relevant field after my bachelor (three years) and before I got my master (two more years) after my fourth year of university. Could this be counted? The notice says any relevant experience can be counted if it done after attaining the min years of education, (four years in my case) but I did not receive any certificate after my fourth year of studying.

Anyone who is willing to help, add his experience is welcome