I have a macbook and I have Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and also, a numeric pad to use for inputting the numbers in the calculator for the calculations. Are these allowed?


Also, I connect my laptop to a big screen, is it allowed, if I disable the double screen feature? (as I understand I need to keep the laptop open as the camera is there).


Last but not least, I will be in a house where there may be some noise (I have dogs that occasionally might bark, for example). Can I wear earplugs to minimize the noise? 


Thanks for answering. 

To my understanding, earplugs

serendipity84 Fri, 09/22/2023 - 08:29

To my understanding, earplugs are not allowed along with anything around your ears (not even earrings),  in video they could look like a device. Try a dogsitter for that day :)

I don't know about the other questions, I'm also wondering about the bluetooth keyboard...