Invitation to the case study_Anti-Fraud Experts/EPSO AD 394/OLAF | EU Training

Hello, I received the invitation to the case study (for early May), after I sat for the MCQ tests on 6 April (competition EPSO/AD/394/21 AD9 - 1 - ANTI-FRAUD EXPERTS (AD 9)).

However, I have not received the results of the MCQ tests; according to the notice of competition: ''In order to proceed in the competition, you must obtain at least the pass marks indicated in the table above. The marks obtained will not be added to the marks of the other assessment centre tests in the calculation of your total score.''

So, does this mean that I have achieved the pass marks at the MCQ tests? or is it possible that EPSO could say at a later stage ''sorry, but you did not achieve the pass marks at the MCQ tests, so you are out of the competition now.''

Does anybody know how this works?

Many thanks!

I was asking myself the same

mihav1985_153343 Tue, 04/12/2022 - 21:12

I was asking myself the same thing and I hope it is like that, but at the same time they say....

"You will automatically receive the following information via your EPSO account after each stage of the selection process organised for a given competition:

— assessment centre/phase: if you are not disqualified, your competency passport showing your overall marks for each competency and the Selection Board’s comment providing quantitative and qualitative feedback on your performance at the assessment centre/phase."

And MCQ test is part of the assessment centre