Good morning, in relation to my previous post complaining about technical issues, I would also like to mention that I´m rather disappointed with the quality of the EU Law questions for the intermediate phase of the competition. Some questions are quite good and well explained, but about 30% of the questions I´ve done so far have either typos, mistakes and missing text or they're downright easy: you only need common sense, not the slightest knowledge in Law, to answer them. I´ve sent two messages to point out errors and I have had no reply. One of my messages simply asked for the full explanation, as it appeared truncated in my test. You only needed to look up the answer and copy & paste the complete explanation, but not even in this case I have had a reply. I´ve been an user of EU Training for some time now, most of the times via free offers by the Permanent Representation of my home country but also as a paying user, and it definitely worked much better before. I recall pointing out errors in verbal tests and receiving prompt replies. I hope this lack of quality is due to the pandemic, like any other recent crisis, and your quality will be back to normal again soon. As for me, so far I feel I have not received quality for my money. I hope the 160 questions I have left will be better quality that those I´ve seen so far. Regards: Maria

Feel free to delete the Sun, 08/29/2021 - 11:09

Feel free to delete the repetitions of my post, thank you and sorry for these reposts, there definitely seems to be something wrong with my profile because it freezes any time I try to do something.

Hi Maria,

David @ EU Training Tue, 08/31/2021 - 13:44

Hi Maria,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, I'm sorry to hear that your reports have not been answered yet. My colleagues are continuously checking and handling the error reports, I"m sure they will revert back to you soon.

Thank you very much for your patience!

Best regards, David