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Unfortunately I didn't find answers to the followng questions (but my apologizes if I missed them!)

1. What are the differencies between the questions (verbal, abstract, numerical) bought under the related to the two products : AD Pre-selection and the AD Special competition (External relations) ? if there differencies, why I can't divide and choose the type of product once I bought it ? (they goes all under the same test type and I then have a huge amount of question that I can choose either for AD Pre-selection or AD Special competitions)

2. These questions are designed for which level ? AD5 or AD7?

Thank you for your time



David @ EU Training Fri, 01/29/2021 - 10:03


Our reasoning questions come from the same pool, regardless of the package. You can customize your tests to the difficulty level of the relevant competition by picking an exam profile in the Start New Test block.

Best, David