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Employment background check for EU institution jobs?

robert.polak_135827 Sat, 06/20/2020 - 07:44


I have asked one of my previous employers to provide me with documentation on my previous employment  with them. Since we did not part in good circumstances they refused to give me that document and I would have to go through whole legal process to get it. I had contract psoition with them for 3 years and when working on contract I did not get my pension contributions which I could use to prove the employment. Is there a way for EU institution to check that employment in any way if I give them permissions? I listed that in my resume and I would like for it to be counted torwards my grade.

Also, how long do those cheks

robert.polak_135827 Sat, 06/20/2020 - 07:56

Also, how long do those cheks usually last. Do they have some kind of reporsitory where they can just go and check for any EU citizen or do they have to contact my previous employeer?


Hijo Mon, 06/22/2020 - 20:18


I had the same problem as you. In this case they ask for a copy of all the contracts you had with the employer, and copiy of the first and final salaryslip. The salaryslip should also say if you worked fulltime or parttime. Good luck and welcome to the EU family!

This is a little bit of a

robert.polak_135827 Wed, 06/24/2020 - 02:49

This is a little bit of a problem since it was very long time ago so I don`t have those contracts or payslips any more. If I can`t get my previous employeer to give some kind of offical document and EU institution can`t do it`s own research I`ll have to fortefit those 3 years.

Thank you.

The main question is whether

zjara_138756 Sun, 08/23/2020 - 13:22

The main question is whether you worked as a self-employed person on a contract, or if that contract was temporary but you were their employee. In many EU countries it is illegal to have more than e.g. 1 yr of temporary contract, so I am not sure from what your exact situation was based on what you wrote. Having said that: 

1/ In the scenario that you were NOT their employee: As a self-emplyed person only having a contract with some company I presume you paid taxes. If so, just request copy of your record from your Tax Office as a confirmation you were indeed employed. However, in terms of references, you might not be able to get them at all, if they refuse to provide it. I find it strange you state your employer did not pay into the social fund, as this would be YOUR obligation if self-employed. 

2/ In the second scenario - if you were their temporary EMPOYEE, then your employer was obliged to pay into social fund - and if he did not, he will be recorded there as a debtor, so maybe the social welfare office will be able to confirm at least that? Additionally, your tax credits will be also recorded by the tax office so you should be able to get the confirmation for which months this was paid from your salary that you got from that particular employer.

In either scenario, after bit of a digging and paperwork, you should be able to get confimration of the years worked. 

If however you had some "third arrangement" (e.g. paid 'on black' without proper fiscal reporting), then you might indeed be in a pickle with not much options on how get out of there, and those years worked might remain untraceable.