What are the different exam types that I can set when composing a test? How does this relate to the diffficulty of the questions that will appear in the test?

When composing a test, you can select the exam type you wish to simulate. From the "Select Competition" drop-down list you can either pick "Compose Custom Test" or the competition type you are undertaking: Administrator, Assistant, Secretary, Linguist, Specialist Competition, CAST.

Each simulation test contains a mix of questions of varying difficulty, just like in the real EPSO exam. A few easier questions to build confidence, a number of mid-level difficulty questions that make up the bulk of the test, and a few hard questions to differentiate between really strong-performing candidates and those with a more average level of performance.

The exam type you select will affect the mix of questions that will be included in the test. For example:

  • AD Pre-Selection simulation exams will have a pre-set of 10% easy questions, 40% regular difficulty questions and 50% hard/complex questions for each test type.
  • AST Pre-Selection simulation exams will have a pre-set of 20% easy questions, 50% regular difficulty questions and 30% hard/complex questions for each test type.

The exam profile type applied does not depend on the package you purchased. You can change the exam profile of your test any time you start a new test. If you feel that a particular pre-set is more or less challenging than you expected, we encourage you to experiment with the other presents as well.

The tests you would like to practice and the quantity of questions for each can be set manually for each simulation exam separately or, when using the quick exam selector feature (Select Competition drop-down menu), it is set automatically for each test type by the system.