How to Prepare for the Energy, Climate and Environment EPSO Competition

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Now that EPSO has finally rebooted this competition there's a lot to get ready for! EU Training can help.

EPSO finally published the results of the Talent Screener for the EPSO/AD/401/22 competition released over a year ago, in October 2022.

Here are the results according to the EPSO website:

Field & Competition Code # Successful Candidates Pass Score
Energy: EPSO/AD/401/22 - 1 178 35
Climate: EPSO/AD/401/22 - 2 150 28
Environment:  EPSO/AD/401/22 - 3 166 32

A big CONGRATS to those who passed on to the Assessment Centre phase. Now, it's time to look at what types of tests you'll have to prepare for in the coming months.



 Computer-Based Test | Reasoning Skills 

Although no official information has been released, according to indicative planning the EPSO CBT for this competition may be happening as early as December 2023, which is just around the corner. For this test you will need to complete a series of computer-based multiple-choice reasoning tests in your chosen Language 1 (any official EU language other than English). 

Tests Language Question Duration
Verbal Reasoning Language 1 20 questions 35 min
Numerical Reasoning Language 1 10 questions 20 min
Abstract Reasoning Language 1 10 questions 10 min

You must reach a combined pass mark of 20/40 for all three tests overall. This score will not count in your final overall score.


  • Master the EPSO CBT online training sessionsBoost your confidence for the reasoning tests!  During these interactive sessions, our experienced instructors will guide you through the test methodology, provide valuable tips, and offer a practical simulation to enhance your preparation. Ask questions and build your confidence in a simulated EPSO test environment.
  • Practice Questions for the EPSO CBT | Our dynamic packages feature EPSO CBT practice questions and an immersive case study simulation complete with expert evaluation. And guess what? You can snag these gems individually if that's more your style! 
  • EPSO CBT Personal Coaching | Elevate your reasoning test prep with tailored guidance from our seasoned EPSO CBT coaches. Receive personalised, laser-focused attention to sharpen your skills and conquer the challenge with confidence!
  • EPSO CBT Webinars | Start off with the free Beginner's webinars for an introduction to reasoning skills and how they are tested. Then elevate your game with our Pro Tips webinars, designed to fine-tune your skills and set you on the path to EPSO CBT triumph!



 Field-Related Interview (FRI) 

This interview assesses your field-related knowledge and expertise. There are at this very moment Field-Related Interview Simulations open for registration here. Just look for your specific competition.



Two tests will assess the total of 8 general competencies as detailed below. Each competency is worth 10 points and you must reach a pass mark of 40/80 total for the two tests overall, and this score WILL count towards your final overall score.

 Case Study 

The following general competencies will be assessed for the Case Study: Analysis and problem-solving, Communication, Delivering quality and results, Prioritising and organising. It is not clear yet if EPSO will release the documents ahead of time, which they have done for quite a few competitions now, even ones from the pre-2023 EPSO overhaul. Even so, it is still possible to start preparing!


  • EPSO Case Study Simulation | Our dynamic packages feature both the EPSO CBT practice questions and an immersive EPSO Case Study simulation complete with expert evaluation. But if you'd like to purchase the Case Study simulation separately, or the evaluation separately at a later point - you can do that too!
  • Case Study Personal Coaching | Get individual, focused feedback on your Case Study simulation, plus tailored tips on how to improve on your weak points. Make sure to specify which competition you are preparing for when you get in touch with a Coach.
  • Case Study Webinar | This webinar provides Case Study insights and pro tips for the pre-2023 EPSO selection process, in other words - perfect for this competition.
  • Free eBook | The perfect Case Study guide | Free download in pdf format

 Situational Competency-Based Interview (SCBI) 

The SCBI will assess the following 4 general competencies: Learning and development, Resilience, Working with others and Leadership


  • Free eBook | EPSO SCBI: State of Play | Written by Jan De Sutter, one of our senior EPSO coaches, this 'almost ultimate' guide will help you uncover the secrets of the SCBI as you delve into expert insights and top-notch preparation tips. You can download this pdf for free.
  • SCBI Workshops | Unveil the SCBI playbook with insights on how this interview is run, analyse the documents in a collaborative learning setting, and find out what assessors seek in the context of EPSO competencies. Your trainer will help you master the art of tackling 'likely' interview questions, both assignment-based and beyond! Important: these workshops will only be opened for registration once EPSO releases the assignment
  • Personal Coaching | If you would like to simulate the interview with a personal coach after analysing the documents together, get in touch with a coach here.

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