How do I buy test questions in the language I want to practice in? And do I get the same questions repeated in all the languages I select?

When buying questions packages, you are buying a quota of questions from our database and not a specific question. This means that in the Start New Test block you can choose which language(s) you want to do your practice tests in. You do not pick this at the time of purchase.

TIP: make sure you click on the little (i) in the table on the Products tab to see how many questions we have in a particular language per test so you don’t over purchase.

No, you will not experience repeat questions regardless of which language you practice in. Our database is large enough to ensure that questions in various languages do not overlap. Those questions that are the same, but have been translated into different languages all appear on the same question id code. This means that our database knows if you have already been allocated a certain question in a particular language and will not re-allocate that same question to you in a different language. The system stores which questions you have used and makes it impossible for you to get the same question in a different language.

One exception is if you are an enthusiastic candidate and have used up the entire database of questions in a particular test/language. If you experience this please get in contact with us immediately so we can address any problems.

We work hard to ensure that you do not experience disappointment with our products/service and always get the number of fresh questions that you have paid for.