How to Deal with Remote Testing Issues

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EPSO has a very strict protocol when it comes to issuing complaints about remote proctoring.

If you've ever struggled with technical glitches during your remotely proctored EPSO exam, you're not alone. EPSO does offer the possibility to retake tests if there are technical issues, but only if you follow a strict protocol.

To help make things easier for you, we've adapted and clarified this protocol so it can be useful for whichever company handles remote proctoring of tests for EPSO. The original instructions still available on EPSO's website were written to deal with Prometric complaints.

First and foremost: ALWAYS read any troubleshooting instructions that EPSO provides before taking the exam, no matter how long the document is. This knowledge will be invaluable if you do happen to experience technical issues.

There will most likely be a section called: Technical & organisational issues on the day of the exam. This section deals with the protocol to follow if issues occur during test-taking and to ensure EPSO will process your complaint and consider you for retesting:

  1. If you are experiencing issues during the exam,

a. immediately alert the remote proctoring company's technical support through the available chat link to get help with resolving the issue.

b. Request that the incident be logged in writing:

c. request a customer service ticket be opened immediately.

d. MAKE SURE TO GET a transcript of the chat, the ticket number, and a link to/copy of the ticket for your reference


  1. You must notify EPSO within 1 calendar day after the test in writing through the online contact form

a. provide a brief description of the problem encountered including the ticket number or the chat transcript with the live agent.

b. attach all supporting documentation you have to back up your claim

The obligation to inform EPSO applies in all cases (including when the contractor assures any follow-up).

Furthermore, EPSO states that any requests...

  • not escalated to the technical support via the chat link provided at the scheduled time of the exam
  • lacking relevant supporting documentation
  • or requests submitted after the deadline

will be declined.

Furthermore, EPSO states that complaints linked to the issues identified below will not be considered for retesting:

  • Failure to contact the remote proctoring company exclusively via the chat link provided (this was eHelp through Prometric)
  • Using any other channel like a toll-free number, a contact form on the company's website, etc… will not be an acceptable means of escalation.
  • Candidates failing to provide supporting documentation (e.g. a Help Desk ticket number) will not be assisted.

Please also note that when you click on the chat link it will direct you to an automated chatbot first, and after a waiting period it will connect to a live support agent.

Do not hang up! Be patient. Wait until you receive assistance and have the all-important help desk ticket number.

When EPSO provides any updates on remote testing, whether there are new instructions or a new company, this article will be updated accordingly.