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EU Training's test question writers used these resources for the Crisis Management & Migration and Internal Security MCQ.ts competition.

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EPSO/AD/403/23 | Crisis Management & Migration and Internal Security

The objective of EU Training’s practice questions is to facilitate your preparation for the EPSO field-related questions of the Crisis Management & Migration and Internal Security competition. The questions cover a wide array of topics in both profiles and also follow the information found in EPSO's Notice of Competition.

EPSO/AD/403/23-1 | Crisis Management

Overall, the questions focus on EU strategies, policies, and institutions related to conflict prevention, crisis response, and security enhancement. The questions shed light on the EU's coordinated approach to diplomacy, security, development and humanitarian aid, which demonstrate the multifaceted nature of the EU's external actions and its commitment to maintaining stability and promoting peace in an ever-evolving global landscape. This also encompasses the EU's multifaceted approach to crisis management involving diplomatic, military, and civilian aspects.

Among particular policy and institutional examples the questions deal with the EU's Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), EU Global Strategy and Strategic Compass (and similar strategic documents), migration and refugees policy, as well as main articles from the EU Treaties related to crisis management. Questions also relate to the decision-making process in EU crisis management, with focus on roles and responsibilities of the different EU institutions, actors and EU Member States when it comes to dealing with crises at the EU level.

EPSO/AD/403/23-2 | Migration and Internal Security

On the migration aspects, there are questions on border policies, including delivery of visas, databases used for foreigners by the EU (for instance the SIS or the VIS) and on working in migration regulation. The asylum policy is included as well, with all aspects related to an asylum seeker journey from EURODAC, the Dublin Regulation, to the qualification of a refugee. 

Regarding the internal security aspects, questions cover EU anti-terrorist policy and the regulations that have been adopted in relation to that, and anti-corruption matters. The agencies that are acting in this field, such as EUROPOL or EUROJUST, are subjects of several questions. Finally, EU regulations on criminal activity and illegal drugs are considered as well.


Online resources | Reading list

  1. Crisis Management

EPRS different papers and reports on the topic: 

  1. Migration and Internal Security



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