EPSO E-Tray Exam Insights


Before you start preparing for the E-tray component of your competition, take the time to understand the specifics of this test so that you know what to expect and what is being looked for. This will allow you to perform at your absolute best. 

This webinar gives you everything you need to know about the E-tray Exercise. Incorporating practical examples and exercises, this webinar exposes you to the detailed methodology of the E-tray Exercise. Learn the best strategies for maximising efficiency, understand how the E-tray is scored, recognise how competencies are measured (positive and negative indicators) and gain valuable tips so you can work fast and get the best results. 

Webinar type: 
Topics Covered: 
  • How the E-tray exercise is built
  • Competencies measured
  • Positive and negative indicators for each competency
  • How the ‘correct’ answers are chosen by the designers
  • Several question and answer blocks
Date : 
November 12, 2015 - 16:15
Technical Information: 

How do I access the recording?

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Who should purchase this recording?
Candidates undertaking the EPSO AD & AST/SC E-tray component of their competition

When was this webinar recorded?
This is a recording of the 13 November 2019 LIVE webinar

How long is this recording?
Approximately 75 minutes

Lecturer: Ben Williams

  • Senior Occupational Psychologist
  • Over 20 years' experience in the field of designing psychometric tools
  • Senior EU Training partner


“Thank you very much and congratulations! The webinar was very useful and Ben really knew what he is talking about! He answered all questions in detail, it was very helpful.” (Lana, Croatia)