Check your eligibility | new EPSO tool

EU Training

You can now use EASI to assess your own eligibility, available on EPSO competition profile pages.

While everyone has been busy with applications, case studies, preparing for tests, and online remote testing, EPSO quietly published a new tool: Experience Assessment Survey Instrument, otherwise known as EASI.

Though it still seems to be in beta mode (there are some functions that don't aren't yet refined like being able to choose the same language twice in the two language selectors), it is, otherwise, a straightforward tool. It can help give you some idea about your eligibility status for the EPSO competition you'd like to apply to.

It is available on any profile page currently open for applications. Right now you can see EASI on the Administrators in the field of transport and lawyer-linguists profile pages. A link is provided on the page, and the eligibility requirements are specific to that competition. (The image below links to the transport profile eligibility survey).

We suggest you go ahead and fill it out even if it's not a competition you're applying for - it is anonymous. It's fun to try it out and see if you would be eligible, and it's EASI!