Beginner’s Guide To The EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test


Before you start preparing for the Numerical Reasoning Test of your EPSO competition, take the time to understand the specifics of this test so you can apply these valuable insights and improve your test score.

This FREE webinar offers a detailed overview of the Numerical Reasoning Test. It is theory focused, outlines basic and advanced test methodologies, highlights strategies on how to tackle such questions and offers useful tips to enhance time efficiency.

Following on from this theory based webinar is our Pro Tips For The EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test live webinar, which is practical focused, fully interactive and applies the knowledge acquired from the Beginner’s Guide To The EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test webinar.

If a live session of the Pro Tips For The EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test webinar is currently not being advertised, it can be accessed as a recording as well.

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Topics Covered: 
  • EPSO Numerical Reasoning Test Specifics
  • Solving Numerical Reasoning Questions Overview
  • Interpretation of Information
  • Key Skills
  • Calculation Overview
  • Estimation Overview
  • Estimating or Calculating: Which To Use When?
  • Vital Tips and Tricks
Date : 
February 2, 2016 - 19:00
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Who should view this recording?

  • Anyone who is undertaking an EPSO Competitions
  • Relevant for all profiles

How long is this recording?
30 minutes

About Robin Bott:

  • Chartered Occupational Psychologist, specialising in selection testing.
  • Designed hundreds of psychometric test questions.
  • Runs training sessions on psychometric test methodologies and how to excel in them.