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Key Changes And Surprises In This Year's Translator And Interpreter Competitions

 Watch the video for a quick overview and then check out the details below:

We've gathered all the important information you will need from the latest official release from EPSO on the annual translator competitions (EPSO/AD/260-266/13 and the special Croatian translator concour, EPSO/AD/255/13):

  • The very good news is that there will be almost twice as many positions available as last year
  • You will have to sit a language comprehension test instead of some of the verbal reasoning tests in earlier competitions
  • Another good news for those who are less mathematically inclined: even though numerical reasoning is still part of the pre-selection process, you only have to get to the pass mark (4 out of 10 points) - your score won't be counted towards your overall mark,
  • There will be two translation tests between the pre-selection and the assessment centre - the scores you achieve here will determine whether you are invited to the assessment centre or not and these are also the scores you will bring with yourself to the assessment centre,
  • 2/3rd of those who got to the translation tests will be invited to the assessment centre

The interpreter competitions (EPSO/AD/256-259/13) also saw some significant changes:

  • If you're not an already accredited freelance EU interpreter, you will have to take a preliminary interpreting test in your country,
  • You will take an interpreter test in Brussels from where your score is carried over to the assessment centre (and will count as 75% of your final score),
  • The tests that are usually part of the pre-selection (abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning) will take place during the assessmentcetre. Here, again, you only have to achieve the pass mark,
  • The usual assessment centre excersises (the structured interview, the group exercise, etc.) will be the final 25% of your final score,

Everyone who achieves the pass mark in all of the exercises mentioned above will be put on the reserve list.

This is the perfect chance for translators and interpreters to start an EU career. Also, while being a translator in the EU is in itself a great opportunity, it is also a perfect stepping stone for people looking to become administrator in other areas as well.

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