How To Prepare For The 2017 EPSO Administrator Generalists (AD5) Competition…

March is on our doorstep, which means that the release of the 2017 EPSO AD5 competition is almost here and the AD generalist competition will be launched on 30 March, 2017.

If you want to know what the key changes to the 2017 AD5 competition are click here!

With this keenly awaited competition hot on our heels, let's discuss the key competencies being tested by EPSO and the tests you should be training for right now.

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Over the course of the selection process you will be tested on 8 general competencies:

  1. Analysis and problem solving
  2. Communication
  3. Delivering quality and results
  4. Learning and development
  5. Prioritising and organising
  6. Resilience
  7. Working with others
  8. Leadership

These are the key skill sets that assessors will be looking for in candidates and the ones that you must demonstrate that you possess.

EPSO uses a whole series of tests to assess candidates during the AD5 selection process, which consists of 3 key stages - Pre-Selection, Intermediate Test and the Assessment Centre.

Your first goal (and what you should be focused on now) is to develop your verbal, abstract and numerical reasoning skills. These three tests will make up the Pre-Selection phase of the AD5 competition and your aim will be to ace this stage, by attaining the highest possible exam score, since only those candidates with the highest score make it to the next round. A pass mark at this stage will not be enough.

The Administrator Generalists competition is one of the most popular EPSO competitions to apply for, hence thousands of applicants are received. You’ll be facing tough competition, that’s why it is so important that your prepare and train for the Pre-Selection exam.

The tests are not hard. Anyone can get all the answers correct if given enough time. It’s the strict time limits that make it difficult and challenging. Consistent and regular practice over an extended period of time is the key to training your brain to react quickly and effectively to these types of tasks. That’s what EU Training has EPSO Administrator pre-selection practice test available in 16 official EU Languages!

The next stage will be the Intermediate Test, consisting of an e-tray exercise. Click here to read more on the specifics of the E-tray exercise.

Those candidates that are successful in the Pre-Selection and E-tray rounds will make it to the Assessment Centre in Brussels. This stage will consist of a Case Study Exercise, Oral Presentation, Group Exercise and Competency-Based Interview. Click here to read up on how to tackle the Case Study Exercise or here to view a free Case Study sample. To experience an Assessment Centre simulation view our Classroom Training sessions, or for personal one-on-one help at each stage of the selection process check out our Personal Coaching options.

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Our research shows that most candidates who succeed start preparing 2-3 months before the pre-selection tests take place.

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